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Building an Extension For Your Home

Home Extension – Things to Consider Before You Start

Are you thinking of a home extension? If you are, there are a few things that you may want to consider before getting your plans drawn up.

#1 What is the main reason for extending your home?

This may seem like a question with an obvious answer: more space! But at least 30% of all extension projects are for the sole purpose of adding value to the property. At the time of writing, in the UK market, a loft conversion will on average add £22,898 to the value of your home, building an extension could increase the value of a home by around £19,800. A decent sized conservatory could make your home worth an extra £12,229.

So, as you can see, along with the often much needed extra space, a good increase in the overall value of your home can be made.

#2 Be practical about the size of your intended space.

conservatory extensionMany people who extend their property will try and go as large as possible, or as far as their finances will allow. Overstretching your budget for the sake of size is never a good idea.

Always plan a home extension project allowing for the best quality materials. Choose a slightly more expensive tile, or a good quality kitchen and bathroom installed with the best fixtures and fittings you can afford. The finished project will always stand up to scrutiny and wear compared to cheaper substandard alternatives.

So, before you go ahead and approach an architect for your plans, consider the argument for quality versus size. In my experience the latter is always the best choice.

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